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Sheila Rocha

(Brazilian, lives in Lisbon)


Sheila Rocha is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural entrepreneur.

In addition to working in the studio, he manages a platform to map and connect artists.

Idealizing, she sees the world from affections and forms.

He held a solo exhibition in Lisbon in 2019 and presented more than 55 artworks, which discussed human duality, this internal fight with our "selves" . His works are in the   Brazil, Portugal, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Japan, India, Italy, France, England, Holland and other countries.

The techniques he uses most to produce his series: collage, drawing, painting and the three-dimensionality of space.

When I started to produce art in a more conscious way, paying attention to what I was doing, I identified what my art took from me. There were contradictions, metamorphoses, dualities. I research what this "dual human" is and how it manifests itself, especially in women. My pieces reveal that feminine duality, sweet and wild.

October 19 | Lisbon 
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Anne, collector

When I was in Lisbon, I bought two original works from the Warrior series, they are incredible, inspiring. They are on exhibition in the waiting room of my clinic in Melbourne. Thank you Sheila Rocha for inspiring me and my clients!

Suellen, appreciative

Sheila, que obra de arte linda. Uma construção na sua qualidade desconstrutiva visual sem igual. Grata por conhecer suas obras.

Fernanda, working partner

Eu tive o privilégio de trabalhar com She Rocha, que para além de uma excelente artista é, também um grande ser humano. Acompanho o seu extraordinário trabalho há algum tempo, são obras de grande qualidade, originalidade, são únicos.

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